PC Game Review Of Thriller Caffeine Mid 2015 - The Story So Far!

Looking towards the middle of 2015, it now seems the game that is simply entitled Caffeine that many are waiting for with baited breath should be due fairly soon, going by what's been said. Then perhaps all the players waiting in the wings by then having hopefully read a proper 2015 PC game review written by folk that have actually played the game, may then find it easier to get a better feel for what they can expect.

At the moment a lot of players have a deep expectancy that this game may be something really rather exciting. One can't always tell a lot by some of the studio trailers as they do like to keep things up their sleeve some of the time. They sometimes try not to go over the top on a pc game review in case expectation levels are driven so high as to disappoint the public when the curtain finally goes back.

What's known so far is that Caffeine is meant to be considered an unusual psychological horror game set in the first person with various environmental puzzles to be solved as the story line unfolds. Set in the not too distant future the globe's entire population is by now heavily addicted to coffee. Well it had to happen at some point one guesses, what with a lot of people walking around like zombies, in some of these other games it was only a question of time.

Enormous space stations assembled by the world's largest organisations journey throughout the galaxy excavating minerals wherever possible to create a synthetic version of caffeine to appease the endless cravings of humankind. The player awakens alone, a young boy on their own with no memory of having arrived on board one of the caffeine mining stations, now an empty space station that one starts to explore. As A PC game review there's little to go on so far, but all should soon be revealed.