Top 2015 Video Games to look out for

Are you a video games enthusiast? In this post, we will furnish you on some of the most anticipated video games in 2015. These are some of the best video games to be released in the year and the creativity employed in them will amaze you and the quality of sound and graphics in them.


Bloodborne is a unique video game that is action packed with a horror setting in an ancient city where one must fight off a plague and a couple of deranged beasts that are lurking in the dark and Victorian era kind of setting. If you have played and liked Dark Souls II, then you will also love bloodborne as it houses the same payer experience and level of difficulty.

The Division

The Division is another video game you should anticipate. It is an MMORPG hybrid that is developed under the Tom Clancy banner. The setting is that of near future New York City. The game is sent to take place after a disease outbreak which wiped out almost the whole city in less than a week. As the player, you are tasked with the duty of getting back order after the population that remained becomes lawless.

Dying Light

This is the first major game release that is an open world survival horror title. It is set during a zombie apocalypse. In the game, your mirror's edge and running skills will be put to test as you run from the undead. The daytime's game feature is not that bad but when the sun goes down, the zombies will turn fast, athletic and aggressive where a combination of stealth and quick thinking will be needed to have you survive.

Everyone's gone to the rapture

This is another video game that has been set in a detailed, scenic English Village after an apocalypse where there are 6 inhabitants who remain after most of the humans have vanished. This open world rapture kind of game will bring more interactivity where you will be in a position to manipulate objects as you try to figure out what happened.