The Revolutionary Rise of First Person Shooter Games

First person shooter games have been the dominant genre in video games for a long time. Though there are many genre that has earned a definite reputation within the industry, the shooter games featuring a gameplay on the eyes of the player itself is definitely one of the most entertained games even today. Counter Strike and Doom are only one of the most influential games back then that you can still play even today.

There are of course, other shooter games in the industry which only goes to show that the first-person perspective shares a lot in common with the other games of its type in terms of action. The earliest game of this type was released on 1973 - the Maze War which was then followed by Spasim on the year next to it.

After the inception of those two in the industry, this genre has continued to flourish and released other games that has taken the gaming industry by storm. One of the pioneers that has struck the industry was the release of the 3D Wolfenstein. There are other variations of Wolfenstein today which are apparently better than this first release, however, the fact remains that the impact that this game made in the innovation of first person shooter games for pc is definitely great. It has even been the tackle of some debate that the Wolfenstein 3D was said to be the first game to come up in this genre.

If you're going to view Wolfenstein 3D and compare it to what we have today, it's definitely far from its quality which is definitely comprehensible. A series of boom in 3D followed it with the release of games like Doom, Duke Nukem, Heretics, Star Wars and the renowned Counter Strike. Counter Strike even had a sequel called Half Life 2.

From then, the graphics of 3D games of the genre continued to get better and better. More games that traversed on other consoles like Halo came up. And the world of First-person shooter games even managed to take a step-up into the world of online gaming. In conclusion, we could already perceive how great this genre has become and we can only expect that it would definitely get better and better.