The Assassin's Creed Chronicles Goes To China

Assassin's Creed is definitely one of the biggest games in the industry that has taken a giant step of impact in the gaming industry - both the companies' and the players' perspective. It has continuously and unfailingly brought the players into a world of intrigue and fascination with extremely detailed and beautiful architecture of the ancient civilization, all set on a high-graphic content that would just make you say 'Wow!'. Now, it once again releases a sub-series, 'Assassin's Creed Chronicles' in order to serve bite-size gameplay but with the whole package of its unbelievable graphics and plotline.

The Assassin's Creed Chronicles is set to give light to three different parts of installments. It will still incorporate the look of the ordinary game, however, it will be served on a linear-type of action game. The first part of this version is already released and is said to be enacted on the ancient city of China by the 16th Century.

China, on the game, is under the hands of a group called the 'Eight Tigers' Cabal. This same group vanquished Shao Jun's Order - the protagonist in your control who's a newbie in terms of 'assassin'. She then initiates her vengeance by plotting to kill the group which murdered her order.

The most obvious difference is this new game is that it's a linear game, more often known as a game in side-view. Don't be discouraged as although it might have the type of view like Super Mario Brothers and such, it will still pack a punch in adventure and gameplay as it still definitely allows the player to hide in bushes, ambush and such.

The game will have the player train to kill in stealth which adds up to the thrill and difficulty of the game. Though it may not have the grandeur in graphics of the original game, it still remains to be a worthy addition to the famous line of games we know as Assassin's Creed.