Get The Best Experience By Knowing Your Gaming Computers

With video games still growing as an industry every year, consoles, handheld devices, phones, and tablets saturate the market but for those who want to get the best experience out of their games, there's nothing like a purpose built gaming computer. While the pre-built price range from entry level to top end desktops can range from $600 to over $12,000, there are specifics to keep in mind when choosing what is right for your needs.

The processors and speeds they run at are important for quick loading for the sights, sounds, and experience to be found in your game. Intel and AMD are the most well known names in this field and each have their ups and downs with different models and structures in their products. The lower end options made by these competitors have a clock speed around 4.7MHz while the top range are currently approaching 5GHz. As a point of reference, 1GHz is the equivalent of 1000MHz, meaning that the more expensive choices will be considerably more powerful than lower end components.

RAM is an important feature for those who play fast paced and wide, sprawling games alike. This measure how much information the hardware can keep at the ready in order to streamline your experience. Entry-level typically gives player 6GB of RAM, like that seen in some of Dell's Alienware lineup while better rigs will give 16GB, 32GB, or more, such as the Maingear Epic Force Super Stock.

One of the primary sticking points that make gaming computers the best option is the graphics quality that a desktop is able to produce when running the highest settings available. Details are everything to some players and Nvidia's GeForce and AMD's Radeon series of video cards have more than made their mark in this area of the market. Some builds will run several of these cards at the same time, meaning that the load is shared and not put on a single piece of hardware, giving superior lighting, shading, textures, and crisp details to games.. These are best paired with high resolution monitors in order to take advantage of their capabilities.

Players who simply want the best of everything that videogames have to offer, gaming computers are the best option for everything that they're looking for. From superior graphics to faster loading times and multiplayer capabilities far beyond what consoles and handhelds can handle, PC gaming has it all.